1. flipside

From the recording Texas Blue



Caught up in the hype
A little distracted
I found my way here
But sure didn’t map it

Don’t see a way back home
Circumstance unshown
Time has blown right on through the ages

I came here looking here for a woman
I saw her one time
That’s all it took
Now her eyes and mine require each other No matter where we leave or look

I hear people talk about love
And how it comes and goes
I keep waiting to fall
But it just grows

She’s from somewhere south
Alabama South shore
Tells me I’m her lover
You know I don’t doubt her
Everybody said we won’t get too far Everywhere I look love is dying

Pack up the rest and go
Never let it own you
Feels like we’re holding a burning line
Just waiting on the flipside

Caught up in the hype
Caught up in the action
Looking for my old satisfaction
Lookin for a day
When it might get rainy
Just a little luck
I might just maybe

Turn these tables around
Give back all I’ve gotten
I’ve known all along
Exactly what I’m facing
Facing the flipside

The flipside of love
The flipside of luck
I’ve known all along
Exactly what I’m facing