1. poet Irish war

From the recording Where The Dreamers Go


Poet Irish War

On the rolling times
Where we face each other’s words
With different rhymes

I saw you in my face
It don’t matter now
If I smiled or I cursed
There is real and there is different
And there is the rehearsed

On another note
Thought I’d drop a name
Then I wondered if she still knew me and
Just how things became
How they are

Used to pretend not to know
Tonight I’m gonna go
Where the dreamers go

Can you still recall
Anything in the back of your brain
That brushed the forebrow
Consider it now
Was it only a dream
I’m gonna go where the dreamers go to be
Where the time does not agree
Where time does not agree

Callin’ out my innocence
As I turned myself in
Thought I had the drink of youth
I thought I had a friend

And the lights of
Early September thirteen
Took me back to where I first saw that thing
That was my love
My fall back plan

Where the was and were still confer
And the under never stand

Certain ales and anecdotes
Can brighten up a star
And the mystic flesh
Tonight is blessed
In every holy bar

I’m going now
Where the dreamers go
To be or not to be
I am going to the show

Standing in the water now
That used to run so high
Back before poet Irish war
Blackened up my eye

I’m going now
Deserting irony
It got the best of me
It got the best of me
Right up till now