From the recording Where The Dreamers Go


Another Farewell

I have seen the sparkle in the treetops
Reminds me of my brothers and me
Gathered around a luck
We were born into

But every fortress falls sometime
And what do you do
What are you gonna take with you
But a couple of feelings
A burned up trail of time
Careful what feelings
Get left behind
In a wishing well
I’ve a wish to sell
To an old friend of mine

Hear that far off thunder
Clapping out of time
It’s a tolling bell
Another farewell
It must happen all the time

So now farewell
Hope to see you around
That’s how it goes
Well you’re lost before you’re found

But don’t hold on
Hold on in vain
Just leave your seat
Jump right off of that train

If you need a place to land
To stop and think it through
However far you think
That I am from you
A fire is burning down the halls
Steel guitars and wonder ales
And a feeling we once knew