From the recording Where The Dreamers Go


What Becomes of Why

Here I go again
Sleep is not my end
Feel the pull of a friend
Two thousand miles away

The night has its own sounds
The stars all contribute
To the light
The wood and the steel
Can get you through to day

It’s in these hours
You might see through
A glare on a glass
That tells you what to do

Well whatever I do
I do it with you
And everything else is something
We once knew

How long will empty be
Before she decides to fill back up
How long will that chain wait to free

Time to head back south
To Texas hill country
Where I found you
And baby where you found me

What becomes of why
Hello will trade goodbye
When one way trades itself for two

I am twelve years old
I am forty and twenty-five
And time stands still
When I tell it to

When will passion yield to poetry
When will timelessness
Choose to exist

Fate holds our hand
Like the river holds the moonlight
Tonight I can see it
Holding me and you