From the recording Texagon



Well I’ll play it for you one time
For myself three
Tried to have it different
That’s the way it’s got to be
I got a black moment
Chasing after me 
I burned out down in Texas
Now I’m north, but ever west
Got my woman with me
I know I’m surely blessed
Maybe I’m done sleepin’
Maybe my livin’s caught up with me
One day I knew the blues
And I was damned
But I was glad to be 

You got the devil in your pocket
Everyone thinks he smells like cash
The devil in your head
Gonna kill you twice as fast
Get away from me
Go on and leave me be 

Found no need for sadness
It was pretty late in the day
And you won’t catch me hating the mornings anymore, babe
Forgetting what I say
One day I knew the blues
One day they went away 
One day I knew the blues
One day they went away