1. La Pista

From the recording Texagon


Shut up
Be a man 
Live with your own consequences
You got the tools and the time
to make whatever you want to
Don't tell about how if silver were gold
Remind me how we're growing old
How your world just ain't the world we're living in 

I wasn't born to wear a crown
I'm just hanging around
Just waiting on a long forgotten day 

You either get up or go down
Swim in fear and you will drown
Drown down the river of pity
Last call, one more round
Then search for some dark sanctuary
If you're someone else,
you don't have to stay that way 
I wasn't born to hang around
Or to stay in this town
I'm just waiting on the truth to set me free 

A cup of courage,
An ounce of doubt
Act like nothin ever bothers you
You got yourself,
what else could you need
You can criticize
and complain
I tell you its all just noise to me
Don't want to hear it
You know you choose just what you need 
Don't look so pure
You don't fool me
I've known you since you were born
Had potential all around
But you were happy just playin the clown
Above it all
Beyond the blame
You can't lose if you don't get in the game

I ain't a villain lost in hate
I just could never take the bait
You know it all seemed so counterfeit to me 
No I ain't a hateful man
If you try you might understand
I just thought I was better than I seem 

It ain't on purpose
There ain't no scheme
No brilliant dark conspiracy
No revelation is waiting in the wings
You have today and nothing more
Don't tell me about how life's a chore
Some broken promise
you can no longer believe 

I wasn't born to wear a crown
I'm just hangin around
Waiting on a long forgotten way