Scott Campbell Sparks

Comin out of Clouds hits #2 on Roots Music True Country Report!!

TEXAGON #4 on Roots Music Country Album Charts.

Hot Road out of Arkansas reaches #14 on Roots Music True Country Reports!!

Some kind words from Mr. Drake

"The biggest impression his music leaves on me is how much I liked the songs when I first heard them. With some artists, I have to listen multiple times to try and understand the songs. When I hear one of Scott’s songs, there’s an immediate connection – and I don’t get tired of hearing them again, I want to hear them again.

...On stage, Scott is very “in the moment.” He knows exactly what signals to send when he wants something to happen. His voice is truly a unique instrument, capable of eliciting a feeling of respect from the audience, and I swear that feeling somehow gets reflected back on a higher level. Very few performers can make that happen, but Scott can."


"I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Austin City Limits and said to myself, ‘Scott should be on this show. He really should.'” – Jim Drake, Hood River News